2019 Match Results

Sunday 27/10/19
At Middle Bridge
1st. C.Hitchens 22lb.4oz.
2nd.S.Potter 11lb.6oz.including a specimen Perch of 1lb.11oz 
3rd.A.Rowland 8lb.9oz. 
4th.S.Marchant 7lb.8oz. 
5th P.Bailey 2lb.1oz. 6th.

Sunday 20/10/19
Against Clive Vale for the Burt Turk Trophy at Saunders Gravel pit
1st.T.Relf 25lb.2oz(CV) 
3rd. S.Potter 5lb.2oz. 
Clive Vale won the cup 25lb2oz.to 21lb.6oz. 

Sunday 13/10/19
At Normanhurst
1st.C.Hitchehs 32lb.11oz.
2nd.P.Bailey 20lb.8oz. 
3rd. A.Rowland 16lb.6oz. 
4th.C.Pagan 16lb.4oz,including a specimen Crucian of 1lb.14oz. 
5th.S.Marchant 6lb. 
6th.Joyce Blackwell 1lb. 2oz. 

Sunday 6/10/19
On the Military Canal at Iden Lock
1st C.Pagan 24lb.8oz.
2nd.C.Hitchens 12lb.8oz. 
3rd.P.Bailey 10lb.14oz. 
4th. Joyce Blackwell 8lb.1oz.
5th.L.Leonard. 7lb.6oz. 

Sunday 29/09/19
At Buckshole
1st.C.Hitchens 18lblb 13oz.
2nd.D.Brown 15lb.8oz. 
4th. P.Bailey 11lb.8oz. 
5th. L.Leonard 6lb13oz. 
6th.Joyce Blackwell 6lb. 

Sunday 22/9/19 
At Wishingtree.
1st.C.Hitchens 82lb. 
2nd.C.Pagan 24lb.12oz. 
3rd. Joyce Blackwell 19lb.6oz. 
4th.P.Bailey 18lb.10oz 
5th. A.Rowland 17lb.5oz.
6th.S.Marchant 12lb.14oz. 

D.Brown caught a specimen Perch of 2lb 8oz


Sunday 15/9/19

At Blackwall Bridge

1st.Lee Leonard 9lb.

2nd. Phil Bailey 8lb.10oz.

3rd.Andy Rowland 6lb.9oz.

4th.David Brown 6lb.2oz.

5th.Chris Pagan 6lb.1oz.

6th.Chris Hitchens 4lb.14oz.

Sunday 8/9/19

At Broomham

1st. C.Pagan 10 lb.12oz.

2nd.L.Leonard 8lb.4oz.

3rd.D.Brown 5 lb.9oz.

4th.Joyce Blackwell 3lb.10oz.

5th.P.Bailey 3lb.8oz.

6th.C.Hitchens 6oz.

Sunday 1/9/19

Ironbridge against Southdown

1st.G.Weston(S) 6lb.8oz.

2nd.L.Leonard(H) 3lb.8oz.

3rd=T.Brown & P.Nest (S)3lb.4oz.

4th.P.Bailey(H) 2lb.10oz.

5th.Ash(S) 2lb.9oz.


Sunday 25/8/19

1st.C.Hitchens 50lb.

2nd.A.Rowland 17lb.14oz.

3rd.P.Bailey 17lb 6oz.including a specimen Crucian of 1lb.10oz.

4th.D.Brown 15lb.

5th.L.Leonard 10lb.11oz .

6th.C.Pagan 8lb.

Sunday 18/8/19
At Hexden

1st. C.Pagan,8lb.8oz.

2nd.P.Bailey 4lb.10oz.

3rd. Joyce Blackwell,2lb.3oz.

4th. L.Leonard 2lb.

5th. C.Hitchens 1lb.1oz.

6th. D.Brown 8oz.

Sunday 11/8/19

At Middle Bridge


2nd.S.Potter 8lb.14oz.

3rd. A.Rowland 8lb.4oz.

4th.L.Leonard 6lb.

5th.C.Hitchens 5lb.14oz.

6th.P.Bailey 4lb.10oz.

Sunday 4/8/19
At Buckshole

1st.D.Brown 21lb.8oz.,

2nd.C.Hitchens 18lb.7oz.

3rd.C.Pagan 14lb.14oz.

4th. L.Leonard 13lb.11oz.

5th.P.Bailey 10 lb.11oz.

6th. Joyce Blackwell 4lb.