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Wishing Tree Reservoir

This is a 4 acre lake that is well known for its multiple catches of carp and other species. In the summer months bags of twenty fish are often caught with thirty and even as many as forty being possible, the majority of carp are commons with a small amount of mirrors. The weights are generally high singles or low doubles but the carp do run to 20lb+.


The water is situated right next to the road so has excellent access which combined with it being a very productive water makes it a great water to go for a few hours with a very good chance of a few fish.


Surface fishing throughout the warmer months is extremely productive.


The water also holds a good head of rudd and roach which both go to 1 1/2 lbs, all methods succeed. The depth varies from a couple of feet where the water enters down to five feet at the dam end. Night fishing is permitted to members only, a bailiff visits regularly and is always willing to give advice.


It is strictly barbless hooks only.

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