Membership Update

Current Government restrictions present difficulties for members renewing their membership. It has therefore been decided to extend current memberships to now expire on April 30th 2021. 
We will resume night fishing on Buckshole, Harmers Pond and Wishingtree once the lockdown is over and we have permission to do so check Facebook page or the club website. PLEASE NOTE IT MAY WELL NOT BE UNTIL A FEW DAYS AFTER LOCKDOWN IS LIFTED THAT THIS RESUMES.
     New members (only) wishing to join the club can do so by using the postal service or doing a click and collect at a local tackle shop. There is no need for any current member to rejoin until tackle shops re-open as the Government plan on the 12th April 2021. Alan at AR tackle is more than happy to deal with any queries about any of the above if you give him a call. Thanks for reading stay safe and tight lines to all our members.


Work Party

To all members there will be a work party at Bucks on Sunday 28/2/21. There will be interruptions to anyone fishing there,you may be asked to move because of the work,please obey any request to move without complaining,the work is being done for the benefit of all members,you could even lend a hand.Thanking you all for your cooperation.


Maintenance Update

Snag and reed clearance is Scheduled on the Wishing Tree reservoir on the 11th, 16th, and 18th September mornings only.

Latest News

15th September 2019

The next match is on Sunday 22/9/19,at Wishingtree, the following swims will be closed on Sunday until 6pm:


- The far bank by the wood

- All the pegs on the dam

- The first peg on the road side in the corner by the dam.


Just a reminder that Buckshole will be closed on Sunday 29/9/19, all day from 7am until 6pm for a match there, all the swims will be in use. Furthermore, we will also be closing the double swim on the roadside due to the number of anglers taking part, if for any reason it's not wanted we will open it to other anglers, but be warned it's closed unless we say otherwise. Also anglers fishing the match will need two keepnets, one for carp one for silvers .

Latest News

11th September 2019

Specimens,Phil Bailey Perch 2lb.3oz from the Military canal, Frankie Alice Brett a junior member, Mirror of 12lb from Normanhurst on a whip,Frankie is only 3years old,so watch out all of you as she is gunning to be Champion Angler soon.Now a note of caution to all members Do Not go fishing in a water with wet nets from a outing,Wet nets carry and spread disease and pollution, its simple really if you cannot dry your nets between outings get a spare set.


5th July 2019

To all anglers thinking of fishing Harmers from now on it has been tested for blue green algae ,whilst we have not had any results please be aware and make sure you wash your hands well before eating anything etc.This notice is for your own safety .

New signs

20th June 2019

New sign for end swim on vale road side explaining Day fishing only .
Disabled swim signs explaining rules for able bodied anglers if fishing this swim .
If the rules are broken by any anglers you will be banned .
This swim will be lost and only disabled anglers will ever be able to fish it .
An agreement was made  with the council that a compromise to allow able bodied anglers to fish this swim ie when the lake is busy /due to cliff swims not being completed as expected was reached .
Please only fish within the rules and vacate swim with no confrontation if asked to do so by a baliff /committee member .
Thank you for your cooperation on this issue 

Wishing Tree

2nd March 2019

A big thank you to everybody who took part today with the Barley straw at Wishing tree
Very well done.

And just a reminder please report any suspicious activities on our waters 
and also anyone caught littering will be banned.

AGM is on the 24th March at 7.30pm


All members are welcome to attend - this is your chance to voice your opinions and suggestions to better improve the club.

It will be held at The East Hastings Sea Angling Clubhouse.