Important News

No members are permitted to fish the south bank of the Royal Military Canal. This is very important whilst discussions continue with the Env. Agency.  The south bank (the bank furthest from the road) is not an RFA water at this time.


We will keep you updated when we know more thank you.

To all members the work party at Broomham 30/06/22 has been cancelled.

Lake closures
Normanhurst closed 03/07/22, 28/08/22 and 16/10/22 This is due the the fishing match held there this Sunday. Water is closed 7am until 6pm.
Bucks hole 7/8/22 and 18/9/22. Water is closed 7am - 6pm. 
Broomham 24/7/22 and 4/9/22. Water is closed 7am - 6pm.
Wishingtree 11/9/22. Water is closed 7am - 6pm. Any spare pegs here will be released after we know how many are taken for the match.

The match at Middle Bridge for 31/7/22 has been moved to Boreham Street due to the model plane club having an open day.

RFA news 
To any angler that has bought a membership book from Nonstop Angling and does not have an RFA sticker on the book,please return to the shop and they will remedy this,you must have this sticker to fish RFAWaters.

Now a less pleasant notice if any member sees or witnesses any illegal activity on club or RFA waters do not try to interfere but use one of the following websites with as much detail you have. Police or southeast region enforcement agency on These should get a response for you. The enforcement team will be patrolling local waters in the near future so all members make sure you have the right paper work with you, there are no excuses.

What 3 words
The best way to be located in an emergency is to use 'what 3 words' here is a list of them for our waters.

Boreham street - purple tripled washable

Ponds and Lakes
Broomham pond - dressy lawn caressed
Buckshole reservoir - bats swung freed
Harmers pond - moment pump intro
Normanhurst Lake - amused playoffs marsh
Wishing Tree reservoir - hers pines files

RFA Waters
Royal Military Canal
Iden Lock - Wrong Speeded Opposites
Stone Bridge - Spiked Leaps Arose
Appledore Dam - Probing Clenching Chemistry

River Rother
Blackwall - Bucks Intricate Observes
Potmans Heath - Tingled Revealing Ally
Newenden (near pub) - Economics tentacles shredder
Bodiam - Shorthand Depend Splinters
Udiam - Solve Opera Brotherly
Salehurst - Derailed Sensible Noticing 
Robertsbridge - Winter Chairing Glove

River Stour (Suffolk)
Henny Street - Oval Robes Draw