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Buckshole Reservoir

This water is situated in Alexandra Park in Hastings, East Sussex. The water is around 4 acres and has depths down to 16 feet.


Since 2000 the reservoir has seen an introduction of some fast growing carp that have really put the weight on with a large number of these now being in excess of 20lbs with several having exceeded the magical 30lb mark. In total we have stocked 67 carp over a 15 year period with them all showing some fantastic growth rates. Not wanting to put our feet up and leave it at that we have stockings arranged for the next three years too (2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18) to further improve the water.


The initial stockings were with Marc Simmonds fish with the later stockings being with fish from the guys at VS fisheries. The VS stockings included some stunning scaley mirrors in addition to some cracking commons, two of these are already pushing 30lbs!!


In addition to the carp the water holds a large number of Pike, Rudd, Roach, Eels, Perch and Bream that go over 6lb. The water can prove hard at times but results are achievable with a little effort.


Day tickets can be purchased by non-members by the bailiff. Night fishing is available to association members, a night ticket must be purchased from one of the ticket officers that will cost just £2 for a night which is great value for the head of fish available. Tickets are available from AR Tackle in Hastings and Wobbly Rabbit in Bexhill on Sea.


From the 2015/16 season we have offered a membership for this water that includes night fishing so that you don’t need to go and purchase a ticket each time you want to do a night, instead you can phone up and just book yourself in. This ticket costs £95, includes all of your night fishing and also covers all of the waters that the usual membership would cover. This membership is only available from AR Tackle.


The lake has a disabled friendly swim at the St Helens Road entrance to the lake and towards the end of 2015 there are plans for a further four swims to be constructed to improve access and comfort whilst fishing.

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