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If you see or hear of ANYTHING suspicious on the bank PLEASE report it to the EA hotline, there and then, or ASAP. 0800 80 70 60 

(in the case of fish theft or antisocial behaviour), the police as well.


Please also e-mail or text on

It is very important that a NIRS number (EA reference number) is obtained or a crime/incident number from the police.

Registration numbers / photos of the people (if safe to do so) are also helpful.

If you see any poaching or other suspected illegal angling activity, call the EA on 0800 80 70 60 and they will log the event. Things such as licencing issues, too many rods in use, poaching, anti-social or other suspicious activity MUST be reported to the EA and for theft (taking fish for example), criminal damage, anti-social behaviour, 

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