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Broomham Ponds

Also situated on the Normanhurst estate in Catsfield, East Sussex there are two lakes available to fish. The first one is around 3/4 of an acre and the second one a little smaller.  Both ponds hold tench, crucians, perch, rudd and roach with the larger of the two also

containing carp to around 17lbs.


Many of the tench in the two waters are 5lb plus, perch go to around 3lbs in both ponds and  specimen sized rudd and roach are also present.


In 2008 both lakes received a stocking of true crucian carp to supplement the already existing stock. This is an ideal water for the pleasure angler who would like the chance of catching a nice specimen along the way.


This water is only available to association members, parking is available in the village and members are not allowed to drive down the track leading to the lake under any circumstance.


Fishing is allowed from dawn until dusk.

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