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Rules of Conduct




  1. The name of The Association shall be Hastings, Bexhill and District Freshwater Angling Association. (H.B.D.F.A.A)

  2. The object of The Association shall be to provide angling facilities for its members and to promote and protect their interests.

  3. The Association shall have Senior and Junior members and from the senior members shall be elected the President, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurer and a Committee.

  4. Junior members shall be anglers under the age of 16 years at the date of purchasing a membership.

  5. The Association shall have a Solicitor and an Accountant who may be made honorary members and may be invited to committee where they will be ex-officio members.

  6. The Association membership shall be unrestricted, save the persons whose permanent address is beyond a 25 mile radius from Hastings shall be classed as ASSOCIATE MEMBERS without voting entitlement, neither shall they be eligible to stand for office or committee.

  7. The committee shall have the power to revoke or suspend the membership of any person for conduct prejudicial to the interests of The Association.

  8. There shall be not less than two or more than four Trustees of The Association save that a corporate body may be sole trustee. The trustees shall be those named on page one of this handbook. Subsequent appointment of Trustees shall be by committee decision.

  9. Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation in writing or until removed from office.

  10. All property of The Association, except cash which shall be under the control of the treasurer, including leases shall be vested in the Trustees to be dealt with as directed by committee decision.

  11. The Trustees shall, at the expense of The Association, be insured and indemnified against all, risk or expense incurred by them in pursuance of their duties of office.

  12. There will be an Annual General Meeting held in March each year.

  13. The President shall be elected at the AGM and be a member of the committee.

  14. The Vice Presidents shall be elected at the AGM on committee recommendation. When a Vice President is invited to attend a Committee meeting, he will be an ex-officio member without a vote.

  15. The Secretaries and Treasurer shall be elected at the AGM and be committee members.

  16. Members to serve on Committee shall be elected at the AGM. The existing committee shall have the power to co-opt members should a vacancy occur but said members must be ratified at the next AGM.

  17. In the event of a contested election for any of the above officers, a ballot will be taken. If uncontested members may elect “en bloc” if they so agree.

  18. Committee members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings without good and acceptable reason may be asked to resign.

  19. No member of The Association with the exception of the candidates for Vice-Presidency may be elected of ratified at an AGM unless they are in attendance at said AGM or have written with apologies for absence and signified their willingness to serve if elected.

  20. All members shall be issued with a membership book.

  21. Any member currently serving as an official of any other freshwater angling club may not be elected to serve on the Committee of this Association.

  22. Any amendments to the constitution are to be made at the AGM or at a special general meeting (SGM).





  1. The administration of the Association shall be conducted by the committee, one of whom, not an ex-officio member shall be elected as chairman.

  2. At any meeting five must attend to make a quorum, all of whom must be elected members.

  3. The committee shall meet as often as is required to conduct the Association business effectively.

  4. The Committee shall appoint its members as required to fill the following positions:

  5. President.

  6. Chairman.

  7. Secretary.

  8. Welfare Officer.

  9. Pollution Officer.

  10. Treasurer.

  11. Competition Secretary.

  12. Any other appointments as the committee may deem necessary.


  14. Members of Committee and officers are bailiffs for the Association.

  15. Accounts of the Association are to be prepared annually by the accountants appointed at the AGM.

  16. The Committee shall have power to elect Honorary members and also to dispense with the subscription in case of any member rendering service to the Association.

  17. A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called by a requisition in writing to the secretary signed by ten members, but no business except that occasioning the SGM may be conducted. The Committee shall consider the case for a requested SGM and may advise the requesting parties that such a meeting is not justified. A minimum 2 weeks of notice of an SGM is to be given to members. If at the meeting a proposal is passed that the meeting was not justified, those members who requested the meeting will be called upon to face the costs of arranging said SGM whether joint or severally.

  18. Committee shall have the power to make provisions, rules or conditions as may be deemed necessary for the proper administration or ultimate good of the Association. Due notice of any such provision, rule or condition shall be made known to the membership in the most practical fashion and ultimately added to this handbook.

  19. Fourteen days notice shall be given to the Secretary, prior to the AGM, of any proposed addition or amendment to the articles of the constitution or nominations for committee and officers.

  20. Committee members will all be allocated roles within the committee and sub committees, they will receive free membership for the time they remain in post.

  21. Annual subscription rates to be agreed at the AGM.

  22. If anything occurs which is not provided for in the Association rules as described the Committee shall have full power and their decision shall be final.

  23. Any member breaking Association rules may be suspended on the spot and have their membership seized by an official or bailiff until such time as the Committee can convene to discuss what disciplinary action will be taken.





  1. Fair angling, by rod and line only, is permitted.

  2. Not more than two rods each with a single bait are permitted at one time, in the water, except at Buckshole where three rods may be used.

  3. In line with governmental legislation. No lead shot greater than size 8 (0.06 grams) or lead ledger weight of less than 1 ounce (28.35 grams) will be used on any association water. In the interests of conservation, you must use lead substitutes. Exceptions are made for swim feeders, bait droppers, weighted flier etc where the lead content cannot reasonably become detached from the device.

  4. Bank runners and gaff-hooks are prohibited.

  5. The use of alcohol and/or drugs on Association waters is prohibited.

  6. Rods, with line in water, must not be left unattended.

  7. Keepnets must not be less than 18” in diameter or 18” x 12” if rectangular and must be at least 8’ long. (Please use keepnets as little as possible, should they become necessary i.e. competition use or for retaining a single specimen for weighing, it is essential that they are positioned in deep water and kept shaded. DO NOT USE in shallows especially at times of hot weather).

  8. All coarse fish including Pike and Eels must be returned ALIVE to the water FROM WHERE THEY WERE CAUGHT.

  9. No angler may fish within two rod lengths of any other angler, unless it is with the consent of said fellow angler, or at the instruction of a bailiff.

  10. No litter of any nature may be left in the swim or on the bank. Members, and day ticket holders, are responsible for any litter, regardless of source, that may be in the area of their swim, whether in or out of the water and must ensure that it is removed when ceasing to fish that swim. Litter is not only unsightly, but it is dangerous to wild and domesticated animals and birds. (Nationally more water is lost to anglers due to litter than from any other reason).

  11. Camping or the lighting of open fires is prohibited.

  12. The use of radio receivers (including C.B Type) or television sets is prohibited.

  13. All gates must be closed when entering or leaving fields, yards, etc.

  14. When parking vehicles use the designated car parks, where possible. Ensure that no gateway or access track, road or path is obstructed. Due to seasonal requirements i.e haymaking, harvesting, etc, car parking may be restricted. IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK. (Parking is the second largest cause of lost waters!)

  15. Angling on association waters is prohibited one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise. Except where actual times are quoted or where night permits are available (i.e Park waters and Wishing Tree). However, on some occasions due to local circumstances (i.e calving) some waters may be further restricted. Members will be advised by the most practical means.

  16. All anglers using Association waters must ensure they are in possession of a valid EA rod licence suitable for the species they intend seeking. Close seasons are printed on rod licences and must be adhered to.

  17. Trout taken from Association waters must exceed the following minimum size. Migratory Trout 12.5” (38cm) Non-Migratory Trout 10” (25cm).

  18. ONLY artificial lures or flies may be used to catch Trout on Association waters within the coarse fish close season i.e 2nd April to 15th June.

  19. Membership books must be carried at all times on Association controlled areas. Members unable to produce valid membership books or day tickets may be required to leave the water immediately.

  20. Members may ‘SELFWEIGH’ specimen fish on the bank side and submit a claim on the proper form available from the Website or from the Fish Recorder. In the event of a claim for a new Association record, two witnesses are required and scales used must be checked by the Committee for accuracy. N.B WITNESSES MUST BE SENIOR MEMBERS OR BAILIFFS.

  21. Fish may not be retained in keep nets or sacks overnight.

  22. Not more than one fish of any species may be retained in a net for weighing purposes except on competitions.

  23. No lights to shine on the water or cause annoyance to other anglers.

  24. No dogs are allowed on Association waters or in their immediate vicinity.

  25. Members are reminded that access to Association waters is STRICTLY restricted to members. No persons other than members are allowed. ACCESS IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE FISHING SEASON, whether trout or coarse, unless invited or instructed by an official of the Association.

  26. Please report any unusual circumstances or missing notice boards, suspected pollution, etc immediately.

  27. Picnicking is strictly prohibited on all waters.

  28. In the interests of health and safety, do not use any bait or attractor that contains a toxic substance, ingredient or colouring.

  29. Anglers specifically carp fishing shall use a minimum 42-inch landing net. Unhooking mats should be used at all times to minimise damage to fish stocks, metal framed cradles are prohibited.

  30. The use of any nut baits is prohibited.

  31. The use of porridge oats as bait is prohibited.

  32. Bait boats are banned along with any other type of boat.

  33. Wading is strictly prohibited on all waters.

  34. The use of any leaders is permitted but they are not to exceed 1 metre in length.

  35. Committee and Bailiffs reserve right to check all end tackle.

  36. Hours of fishing are one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset unless otherwise stated.





  1. The Secretary and Committee members are always willing to give advice or help on any matter concerning the Association. Any written communication must be directed to the Secretary and must include a self addressed stamped envelope for any reply.

  2. Members are reminded that the access to and indeed the water is granted to the Association by its Riparian owner whose requirements must be respected, this applies equally to their agents and workers etc.

  3. At all times the Association intend to keep waters open to members, however if the association are forced to close a water on the instructions of a public body or the land owner please be understanding of the matter as these decisions are out of the control of the committee.

  4. Where signs displaying Association rules are displayed at a water Members are advised that they should read these carefully as they will be enforced.

  5. Night fishing permits will only be issued to Senior Members.

  6. Bailiffs and Officials are always willing to give advice, in good faith, regarding fish welfare.

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