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Rules of Conduct

  1. Fair angling, by rod and line only, is permitted.

  2. Not more than two rods and two baits for each line are permitted at one time, in the water, with the exception of Buckshole where three may be used.

  3. In line with governmental legislation. No lead shot greater than size 8 (0.06 grams) or lead ledger weight of less than 1 ounce (28.35 grams) will be used on any association water. In the interests of conservation you must use lead substitutes. Exceptions are made for swim feeders, bait droppers, weighted flier etc where the lead content cannot reasonably become detached from the device.

  4. Bank runners and gaffhooks are prohibited.

  5. The use of alcohol and/or on Association waters is prohibited.

  6. Rods, with line in water, must not be left unattended.

  7. Keepnets must not be less than 18″ in diameter or 18″ x 12″ if rectangular and must be at least 8′ long. (Please use keepnets as little as possible, should they become necessary i.e competition use or for retaining a single specimen for weighing, it is essential that they are positioned in deep water and kept shaded. DO NOT USE in shallows especially at times of hot weather).

  8. All coarse fish including Pike and Eels must be returned ALIVE to the water FROM WHERE THEY WERE CAUGHT.

  9. No angler may fish within two rod lengths of any angler on either side of him, unless it is with the consent of said fellow angler, or at the instruction of a bailiff.

  10. No litter of any nature may be left in the swim or on the bank. Members, and day ticket holders, are responsible for any litter, regardless of source, that may be in the area of their swim, whether in or out of the water and must ensure that it is removed when ceasing to fish that swim. Litter is not only unsightly, but it is dangerous to wild and domesticated animals and birds. (Nationally more water is lost to anglers due to litter than from any other reason).

  11. Litter must be removed before commencing to fish, all swims to be kept free at all times.

  12. Camping or the lighting of open fires is prohibited.

  13. The use of radio receivers (including C.B Type) or television sets is prohibited.

  14. All gates must be closed when entering or leaving fields, yards, etc.

  15. When parking vehicles use the designated car parks, where possible. Ensure that no gateway or access track, road or path is obstructed. Due to seasonal requirements i.e haymaking, harvesting, etc, car parking may be restricted. IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK. (Parking is the second largest cause of lost waters!)

  16. Angling on association waters is prohibited one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise. Except where actual times are quoted or where night permits are available (i.e Park waters and Wishing Tree). However, on some occasions due to local circumstances (i.e calving) some waters may be further restricted. Members will be advised by the most practical means.

  17. All anglers using Association waters must ensure they are in possession of a valid EA rod licence suitable for the species they intend seeking. Close seasons are printed on rod licences and must be adhered to.

  18. Trout taken from Association waters must exceed the following minimum size. Migratory Trout 12.5″ (38cm) Non-Migratory Trout 10″ (25cm).

  19. ONLY artificial lures or flies may be used to catch Trout on Association waters within the coarse fish close season i.e 2nd April to 15th June.

  20. Membership books must be carried at all times on Association controlled areas. Members unable to produce valid membership books or day tickets may be required to leave the water immediately.

  21. Members may ‘SELFWEIGH’ specimen fish on the bank side and submit a claim on the proper form available from the secretary (one copy issued with membership renewal). In the event of a claim for a new Association record, two witnesses are required and scales used must be checked by the Committee for accuracy. N.B WITNESSES MUST BE SENIOR MEMBERS OR BAILIFFS.

  22. Fish may not be retained in keep nets or sacks overnight.

  23. Not more than one fish of any species may be retained in a net for weighing purposes except on competitions.

  24. No lights to shine on the water or cause annoyance to other anglers.

  25. No dogs are allowed on Association waters or in their immediate vicinity.

  26. Members are reminded that access to Association waters is STRICTLY restricted to members. No persons other than members are allowed. ACCESS IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE FISHING SEASON, whether trout or coarse, unless invited or instructed by an official of the Association.

  27. Please report any unusual circumstances or missing notice boards, suspected pollution, etc immediately.

  28. Picnicking is strictly prohibited on all waters.

  29. In the interests of health and safety, do not use or purchase any bait or attractor that contains a toxic substance, ingredient or colouring.

  30. Unhooking mats should be used at all times to minimise damage to fish stocks.

  31. Pike fishing only from 1st October until 31st March at Buckshole.

  32. The use of any nut baits are prohibited.

  33. The use of porridge oats as bait is prohibited.

  34. Bait boats are banned along with any other type of boat.

  35. Wading is strictly prohibited on all waters.

  36. The use of leadcore is strictly prohibited on all waters.

  37. Committee and Bailiffs reserve right to check all end tackle.




  1. The Secretary and Committee members are always willing to give advice or help on any matter concerning the Association. Any written communication must be directed to the Secretary and must include a self-addressed stamped envelope for any reply.

  2. Members are reminded that the access to and indeed the water is granted to the Association by its Riparian owner whose requirements must be respected, this applies equally to their agents and workers etc.

  3. At all time the Association intend to keep water open to members, however if the association are forced to close a water on the instructions of a public body or the land owner please be understanding of the matter as these decisions are out of the control of the committee.

  4. Where signs displaying Association rules are displayed at a water Members are advised that they should read these carefully as they will be enforced.

  5. Night fishing permits will only be issued to senior members.

  6. The Association is ever mindful of the need for respect of fish welfare. It is for this reason that the use of unhooking mats is specified and for all anglers fishing specifically for carp a 42 inch landing net is required. Bailiffs and Officials are always willing to give advice, in good faith, regarding fish welfare.

  7. Throughout the handbook, what.3.words (denoted by a star) is used to determine access point from roads and also car parks where applicable.



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